We receive dozens of catalogs each month, but there’s only one we can’t live without. You guessed it! J.Crew’s crewcuts collection manages to translate runway trends into perfectly accessible (and non-costumey) looks for little ones. Affordable and well-made, they are the building blocks for any child’s wardrobe. (We’re especially partial to the cords, khakis, cardigans, and tees.) The statement pieces, especially for girls, are a regular indulgence. Bold outerwear, sparkly shoes, cashmere sweaters, and unusual colors (neon, anyone?) are among our favorites ways to splurge. The boys fare is more classic, but it’s the opposite of boring. Which explains our admiration for basically everything crewcuts offers, especially on the collaborations front. The brand’s crackerjack creative team has an uncanny knack for sourcing the latest, greatest designers, and bringing them to our children at a price we can afford. What’s not to love?—CC

Some of our favorite picks for girls:

And some faves for the boys:

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