Should children wear accessories? The debate rages on, but at CC, we endorse the less-is-more approach. The best baubles are tiny and clean, made of natural materials like string, ribbon, and leather and decked out with a whimsical charm or two. And don’t discount scarves—style points aside, they can be very useful on a chilly day. Whatever you do, keep it light!—CC

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Product Details Clockwise from Left:

Bonpoint Coral Pink Flower Print Necklace, $35.00 (was $70.00)

Atsuyo et Akiko, Lucky Charm Star Necklaces, $12.00 each

Crewcuts, Girls Garden Charm Necklace, $18.50

Crewcuts, Girls Canoe Leather Bracelet, $12.50

Hartford Green Sarong, $14.74 (was $29.47)

Atsuyo et Akiko Necklace Key Fur, $24.00

Nantucket Rope Bracelet, $6.00

Zef, Star Scarf, $14.75 (was $29.47)

Matta, Dupatta Baby, $69.00




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