A wonderful part of what we do every day is discovering and sharing with you little treasures in the childrenswear world; which is why we are so excited to tell you about Family Thread.  Founded and curated by Jesse Klein Seret, the collection, found on ETSY, is a “carefully considered collection of vintage children’s clothing, shoes and textiles.”  Why do we love it so much?  There is something so special, refreshing and socially conscious about purchasing items that were beloved by another generation of children.  Jesse expertly selects pieces from flea markets, thrift stores and directly from owners. She searches for classic and stylish clothing with light wear-and-tear. We were thrilled to gain some insight on vintage collecting from Jesse (read on below) and put the focus on some chic pieces from the past.—CC


 Items available on the ETSY Family Thread boutique, part of the Team Vintage Kiddo Collective.


CC: When you are sourcing items for your ETSY boutique, what are you looking for?
JS: Aside from finding pieces that are in excellent condition, I look for cotton, wool, and denim, with interesting patterns and great colors—pieces that I would wear! Or at least, that I would dress my son in. I look for comfort, quality and style.

CC: What, in your opinion, makes vintage so special in the world of children’s wear?
JS: Great vintage kids wear is not easy to find; pieces that are unworn or in mint condition are true treasures. That being said, I often find that faded worn in indigo denim, a replaced button, or a mended seam bring each piece to life and only add to their charm and value. You can feel the love that a child and parent has had for the piece.

CC: Your vintage textiles and rugs are incredible and a unique way to bring vintage into a children’s world.  How do you see customers incorporating these pieces?
JS: Ralli quilts and Pakistani dhurries really lend themselves to making great additions to a kids’ room or nursery by adding a pop of color and whimsy to any room.

CC: Any secrets of the trade you can share with us?
JS: Never stop looking! You can strike gold in the least likely times and places.

CC: What inspired the name Family Thread?
JS: I am obsessed with lineage, ancestry, and family history and love the idea of possessions being passed down through time.  I wanted the name of my shop to evoke those things.

CC: What are you favorite pieces you currently have for sale and why?
JS: Right now I’m really excited about the Helen Lee for Saks Fifth Avenue pieces. They are impeccably tailored (and very Mad Men!) And I love the striped Osh Kosh Overalls—perfectly soft and you can’t go wrong with stripes. Finally, I have developed an obsession with collecting vintage bandana’s; The patterns are so great with intricate paisleys, simple floral borders and polka dots.

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