Its Friday!  CC has curated a collection of our favorite finds, steals, and deals from all over the web—strictly for your shopping pleasure. AmExes ready!

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1. Baby Bloch, Stardust Gold Ballerina Shoes, $66.27

2. I Love Gorgeous, Blue Sugar Rose Anna Set, $37.00 (was $52.86)

3. Elephantito, Morocco Jumpsuit with Smock, $54.00

4. Petit Bateau, Baby Girl’s Linen and Cotton Cardigan, $37.20 (was $62.00)

5. Simple Kids, Bob Marley t-shirt, $75.00

6. Le Petit Lucas du Tertre, Stars Shirt Long Sleeves, $77.00

7. Egg, Voile Indian Tunic, $42.00

8.Chloe, Cone Denim Shirt, approx $66.00 (was $94)

9. Krama By K, Turquoise Scarf, $36.38 (was $60.63)

10. Dressing Em, Sailor Day Pants, $80.00



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