CC often hears that parents avoid buying certain knits—or even specific brands entirely—that suggest hand-washing. Sound familiar? In our experience—unless you’re dealing with wool, cashmere or silk—most children’s clothing items can be washed inside-out in the machine with cold water on the gentle cycle using mild detergent. Hanging to dry is always the best option, as dryers are far more destructive to clothing than washers. But for those pieces that you do prefer to clean by hand, make sure to use quality detergent intended for children’s clothing. CC loves The Laundress’ products, especially the Cashmere & Wool wash that works wonders in the sink. For the toughest stains, don’t worry—Le Blanc Children’s Linen Wash is up to the task, we promise. Suds, rinse, hang. See? That wasn’t so bad.—CC

Have tips you want to share with us for hand-washing? Please leave them below in Comments.




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