We at CC not only love the thrill of the new find, but pride ourselves on seeking out the simplest to the most outrageous in the world of children’s fashion.  It is often equally as thrilling to share these finds as it is to find them, and  this exciting new service is no exception.  Oliver and Adelaide is a seasonal family bespoke luxury gift package service that you can gift and/or subscribe to for your own family.  We spoke with founder Gary Osborne last week who shared with us his vision behind the brand, and we have since deemed it THE most exquisite gift you can give to an expectant mother, growing family and/or yourself.  ‘O&A commissions artists, designers, and high-end craft people with an eye for the best, safest and most aesthetically pleasing materials to create packages that include clothing, toys, furnishings, and art – all made in America.’  Membership has its privileges, and these are trés chic!




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