It’s officially wedding season, and there are occasions when formalwear—yes, real, bona-fide formalwear—is required for your little one. But how to avoid the cheesy “little man” vibe and let boys be boys? Unless he’s over 3, go for a more traditional approach, such as a john-john, an Eton suit or knickers paired with a vest.  (In other words, skip the I-Work-at-Goldman ensembles.) As they get older, integrate a blazer and tie, piece by piece, and pair with shorts or dress pants instead of a matchy-matchy ensemble. Our favorite neckwear comes courtesy of Urban Sunday, which focuses almost exclusively on neckties and bowties in adorable fabrics like gingham and seersucker. As for tuxedos? Well, the truly black and white-tie weddings do require them, but we suggest borrowing from a friend rather than investing in one yourself (though Crewcuts makes a nice one). Chances are, he’ll never need it again—well, until prom!—CC

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