Hard for me to say, but my baby boy is almost 21 months old.  Having experience with two girls before his arrival, my husband and I often find ourselves in unfamiliar situations.  He has been sleeping with a regular blanket in his bed for several months now, and all of sudden he is climbing out of his crib…yikes!  Putting him back in the sleep sack is working like a charm…so far.  Unfortunately he has outgrown all the adorable plush ones I had for him, and the alternatives are not near as lovely.  Enter Smidge – the most beautifully hand made sleep sacks in an incredible array of prints that come in a large enough size to accommodate my 32 lb. baby boy with room to grow.  Lacy Noble is the designer and seamstress behind the brand working on her grandmother’s vintage sewing machine; and she has an Instagram page well worth following.  Not to mention, she has done blankets, moses baskets and other custom pieces.  We think this is more than just a ‘smidge’ worth talking about.  xx, Christin

p.s. Amazing baby gift to match the nursery.


Email Lacy to inquire further and place your order.

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