Kayce Regan Hughes began her career at Ralph Lauren, where she worked in the women’s design department until the birth of her first child. Reworking vintage fabrics into nightshirts for her young daughters was the catalyst for the launch of her brand, Pears and Bears. Now a mother of 7, this Nashville resident has expanded her line into the full-fledged Kayce Hughes collection that includes clothes for children, adults, home and more. ChicChild loves the line for its beautiful fabrics and sweet silhouettes. It’s eternally classic—exactly how we want to dress our own children.

CC: You started off making childrenswear, and now, you make pieces for adult women as well. How do you balance the two components of your brand, creatively?

KH: The women’s collection is made up of the pieces that I want to wear, and the children’s line is full of things that I want to see the kinds running around wearing.  In my home, and my line, I have always loved color. I find a lot of inspiration in home magazines and blogs, but most of my inspiration comes from vintage items.  I love to wander through thrift and antique stores.  I have a large collection of vintage patterns that influences my silhouettes, colors and fabric design.

CC: What are the key pieces from your Spring/Summer 2011 collection?

KH: My baby just turned 6, but if I had a baby girl, she would definitely have our day dress in pink antique rose floral.  This fabric was based on a vintage doll dress that I found years ago. It’s still one of my favorites. For younger boys I love the timeless look of john johns.  You can dress them up with a Peter Pan collared shirt, or they look great all alone. For older girls, I love our vintage Andrea dress—so sweet and old-fashioned!

CC: What was the inspiration for Spring?

KH: We did a small nautical group, because I never get tired of anchors.  We also have beautiful floral fabrics in styles that are reminiscent of the 1950s and ‘60s.

CC: You have seven children! How do you manage it all while growing your brand to include weddings, home, and all these other new categories?

KH: I don’t manage as well as I would like! I couldn’t do it with out the help of Caroline, Betsy and Lyndal, three very smart women who keep the company together and are integral to moving it forward.  My husband also helps a lot with both the company and the kids.  I almost never travel for work, and my schedule is very flexible.  The days can be long, but I love what I do—both at home and at work.

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