As the east coast is digging out from the snowstorm this past weekend, I too have been digging out of my own ‘mommy-hole’ and happy to be working on all things Chic Child again! This time around is a bit more challenging given that I now have a toddler, and instead of one newborn, I have two!  My twins are now just three months and I am attempting to master the organized chaos of having three little ones under three and the ever-challenging, but rewarding balancing act.  Its amazing getting to relive this experience again, and each day is better than the next as we are seeing their little smiles and personalities evolve.  Even though Sloane is not quite 3 years old, its amazing how many new ‘must-haves’ are on the market since she was a baby, and I’ve loved finding items that make a twin mom’s life easier…So here are a few of my favorite things for all you new moms and twin moms out there (and would love for you to share any ideas with me as well).—Natalie

This time around, I am really trying to stick with all wooden (or ‘green’) toys for the girls.  I know inevitably the plastic and light-up toys will make their way into my home, but for now I am in love with anything made by Heimess.

The Auggie Every Day Blanket is something (just like the name implies) I use every day.  With sweet prints to choose from, these blankets are soft for babies to play on and easy to fold up and take along in the diaper bag.

Speaking of diaper bags, Christin had this one from 7am Enfant which she was raving about, so I decided to get one to use when I have all the girls out together.  It is large enough to fill up with items for 3 babes and yet it still feels super lightweight.  I am pretty much in love with everything from this line.  The babies also have these on their carseats—perfect for staying warm and cozy on the coldest of days.

Since I have to buy two of nearly everything, the Table for Two was recommended to me by another twin mom and I have to say it is probably my #1 best purchase that I’ve made.  It comes it adorable designs and is not only totally functional, but cute in the girls’ room.

You know our adoration of anything from TANE Organics, and I must say, I have put the girls in these pointelle kimono onesies over-and-over.  They are simple, soft and adorable.  They have just outgrown them, so I need to get the next size up!

Instagram is nothing new (we are in the swing of getting Chic Child’s page going) but it is my favorite method of sharing photos (follow me here/@nrschwartz).

Finally, here are my little Presley and Emelia (in coordinating Bonpoint  outfits)!




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