Clearly we have a weakness for Parisian design.  A reader recently wrote to us asking if we knew of a brand that achieves the look of a Parisian children’s fashion house (a la Bonpoint & Marie Chantal) but without the steep pricetag.  Enter, Pearls & Popcorn.  The aim of designer Rondit Pardo is to “give our boys and girls from 3 to 36 months, the taste for audacious Parisian fashion without breaking the bank.”  The result is an on-trend and well-made little line of clothing that leaves us, well, wanting to buy just about the entire collection!   Our favorite pieces are the liberty blouses for little girls and the incredibly stylish sweaters for boys. The line is available on their website, and available for retail exclusively (and currently on-sale) at Bloomingdales.  De rien. —CC



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