We last caught up with Pink Chicken designer Stacey Fraser this summer in Amagansett, where her charming boutique is a must-visit. She’s launching her Spring 2012 collection this week, along with a new website, so isn’t it about time for another chat?




CC: Pink Chicken is one of our favorite brands season after season. Where do you find inspiration for color and silhouette?

SF: We always find inspiration for both color and pattern from vintage textiles and Indian block printing. Our office is overrun with piles and piles of vintage fabrics! In terms of silhouette, we update a few of our customers’ favorite styles each season, and look towards sixties and seventies looks for styling details.


CC: Your fabrics and textiles are so unique. Where do you source them? Are your prints custom to Pink Chicken?

SF: We design and color all our prints in-house—everything is custom to PC!


CC: You dress women of all ages, from baby to adult, while managing to make them always look age-appropriate. What’s your trick?

SF: We always feel our dresses should be no fuss but always stylish—and be easy and breezy in fit and styling. Kids should dress like kids, tweens should dress like tweens (not teenagers), and our womens styling is classic boho and carefree, too.  Nothing’s too constrictive or serious, so you can be yourself and add your own touches!


CC: When can we purchase your spring collection? Which are your favorite pieces, and why?

SF: On Monday, February 6, we’re launching a brand-new website, and we’re super excited. It will showcase the newborn, kids, tween and women’s lines in a new and vibrant way, making for easy one-stop shopping.  Among my favorites are great new knits in printed slubs, beautiful variegated stripes and fun carnival striped skirts. And the cotton gauze pieces, too!


CC: How do your daughters contribute to the design process?

SF: They always have an opinion, and they’re both very different. I have one girly girl and one tomboy, so we make sure we have something for everyone!


CC: Anything else in the works?

SF: We’re also thrilled to be hard at work on our first New York City boutique – details and updates coming soon!!

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