Crisp, all-white ensembles are summer classics. What other outfit is able to cool down—instantly—even the most sweltering August afternoons? Whether you’re inspired by the white-washed landscape of Mykonos or the shades of cream found in a bouquet of peonies, texture is key to keep this look from becoming too uniform. For girls, try straight-cut jeans, ruffled bloomers, or an eyelet dress accessorized with espadrilles and a cotton or linen cardigan. Boys can emulate the spirit with an untucked white oxford, paired with a washed-out chino.

Here are CC’s pics for the best white’s of the season:



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1)    Janie & Jack, Dobbie Stripe Dress, $59.00
2)    Petit Bateau, “Ethnic” Print Dress, $73.00
3)    Bonpoint, Epice Blouse, $155.00
4)    Gap, Mini Skinny Jeans, $26.95
5)    Bonpoint, Milky White Cardigan, $140.00
6)    Rachel Kids, Cher, $36.00

1)    Papo D’Anjo, Pique Polo, $38.00
2)    Crew Cuts, Thomas Mason Shirt, $78.00
3)    Makie, Giraffe Tee, $32.00
4)    Ralph Lauren, Preston Flat Front Pant, $35.00
5)    Superga, Hook and Loop Shoes, $50.00
6)    Neige, Palmerston Short, $69.00

Baby Girl
1)    Makie, Puffsleeve Blouse Ribbon, $78.00
2)    GAP, Sun Smocked Sweater, $24.95
3)    Calypso St. Barth’s for Target, Eyelet Dress, $16.00
4)    Bella Bliss, Pima Bloomer, $21 (can be monogrammed for add’l cost)
5)    Ralph Lauren Layette, Uma, $32.00

Baby Boy

1)    Marie Chantal, Logo Short Sleeve Shirt, $72.00
2)    Ralph Lauren Layette, Big Pony Tartan-Trim Shortall, $25.00
3)    Superga, JV Classic, $44.95
4)    Elephantito, Baby Boy Leather Sandal, $39.50
5)    Marie Chantal, Linen Pants, $82.00


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