We’ve got layering on the mind this week, where a 20 degree change in temps means your kids’ morning look can have them sweltering by noon.  Just as we discussed last week in our Hamptons post, preparedness is key in layering—always having an extra cardigan, long-sleeve tee or pair of leggings in your bag.  In summer months, the opposite is also true…make it easy to peel off layers as the day goes on.  We love the layered look at the beach where the cooler late afternoon and evening hours near the water are wonderful time to spend as a family.  Light-weight, cotton fabrics are best for the layering as they are easy to throw in a bag without much worry about wrinkling and they still breathe well.  Neutral colors are also a good idea, so they can mix and match easily.  Being a parent who does good layering… well, that’s just chic.

For the girls


For the boys

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