Hairbows are one of our favorite accessories for babies and little girls.  We get plenty of inquiries about where to purchase the ‘perfect’ bow.  Wee Ones is a great source online to purchase bows in just about every size and color (between us, we likely own every size and color!)  The basic grosgrain style is a classic and we also recommend buying the basic colors en-mass.  As for bow sets, Bergdorf’s carries multi-color Bow Arts sets as does Wee Ones.   Don’t forget to purchase a bow holder to store and display the bows (we are partial to the selection at Magic Windows in NYC).  Do you have any good ‘bow’ finds?—CC

PS – If you get our newsletter and were expecting to see “Closet Organization 101″ today, we will post this next week featuring an organizational expert as guest blogger!

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