Is there anything in the world more loveable than a child in pajamas? After all, they’re usually wearing them during some of the most memorable moments of childhood. So now that we’ve established that pajamas are actually important, let’s identify some key components of the very best ones. Soft materials: key. Quality craftsmanship? Even more important, given that PJs spend more time in the washer and dryer than most other piece in your child’s closet. Subtle details like embroidery, smocking, crochet and picot trim are also critical in upping the style quotient. CC’s favorites? Kissy Kissy, Magnolia Baby, Petit Bateau, Pixie Lily and Feather Baby for babies, and as they get older, Rachel Riley, Powell Craft, Busy Bees and Roberta Roller Rabbit.  Here’s to sweet dreams.—CC

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