Given that vacation season is officially upon is, a CC-approved packing list is in order. The cardinal virtue of getting everything you need to your destination (and home again): preparedness. You’ll always be tempted to bring too much, but the alternative is far worse than a slightly overweight suitcase. Mix-and-match separates should be the foundation of the wardrobe, with special items like shoes, bows, bibs, and party fare added more sparingly. The general rule of thumb: two outfits per day, plus one extra just for good measure. Be strategic—check the weather and bring enough basics so you won’t feel compelled to repeat looks. (Stains are generally a given, and when you don’t have a washer/dryer…) Don’t forget to include loungewear for lazy mornings, and one pair of pajamas for each night you’re away. Bon voyage!—CC

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Product Details Clockwise from Left:

Baby CZ, Charlotte Dress in French Dot

Ralph Lauren, Custom-fit Poplin Stripe, $49.50

Baby Bespoke, Bespoke Cardigan, $75.00

Kicky Pants, L/S PJ Set, Lotus, $29.00

Kissy Kissy, Follow Me Footie, Light Blue, $35.00

Makie, Animal T-shirt, Tiger, White, $32.00

Olive Juice, Loungewear Pant, $15.00 (was $32.50)

Crewcuts, Boys Dual Strip Board Short, $30.00 (was $38.00)

Hanna Anderson, Classic Polo Shirt in Organic Cotton, $15.00

Louis Vuitton, Neverfull GM, Damier Azur Canvas, $870.00

Stella Cove, V-Neck Maillot, Starlight, $70.00

Stella Cove, Starlight Dress, $55.00

Pazitos, Romana, Silver Metallic, $52.00

Anais & I, Little Denim Short, $48.00 (was $52.00)

Papo D’Anjo, Cap-Sleeve Tee in Cotton Jersey, $30.00 (was $38.00)

Gap, Cropped Legging Jeans, White Wash, $23.99 (was $26.95)

Bon Bon, Baby & Girls Shirt with Floral Prints, $54.60 (was $78.00)


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