On a day dedicated to honoring memories, why not pay homage to those designers inspired by their own nostalgia? Evocative of time and place, these clothes tell a story entirely their own. Baby Bean’s daywear is handmade from vintage textiles, while Sailor Rose designer Kirsten Mogensen uses antique Americana clothing and fabric as a starting point for her whimsical confections. Others, like Dagmar Daley and Dressing Em, feature classic vintage styles and silhouettes with modern appeal. Blu Pony Vintage’s current collection is inspired by the roaring ‘20s, and that era has never felt fresher.

Then, of course, there are brands like Lilly Pulitzer, which manages to reinvent itself every season…even as it sells the same shift dresses that Palm Beachy girls have been wearing for 50 years. How do you incorporate vintage into your life?—CC

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