Why has June been so unbearably rainy? We can’t answer that question—but we can help you secure the necessary add-ons to keep your child chicly dry. First things first: don’t worry about your baby. Your stroller’s rain cover exists for a reason. But for toddlers, invest in a few hardworking pieces that can last for multiple rainy seasons. The French brand Aigle makes our favorite water-resilient boots—and now, they’re available stateside at J.Crew. Umbrellas by the Western Chief definitely fit the style quota, but those parents searching for a bit more luxe need look no further than Burberry for the choicest options. Just keep your eyes on it at all times…And as for a raincoat, Makie, Stella McCartney, Polarn O. Pyret, and Petit Bateau have plenty of alternatives, whether you’re looking for style or substance. Above all, stay dry!—CC

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Product Details Clockwise from Left:

Polarn O. Pyret, Rain Jacket, $42.00

Western Chief Kids, Frog Umbrella, $15.00

Petit Bateau, The Petit Bateau Raincoat, Jaune, $120.00

Petit Bateau, The Petit Bateau Raincoat, Paisley, $120.00

Western Chief Kids, Carousel Umbrella, $15.00

Widgeon, Full Skirted Raincoat, $44.00

Polarn O. Pyret, Limited Edition Spring Cloud Print Raincoat, $46.50

Burberry, Kid’s Umbrella, $54.59 (was $130.00)

Makie Trench Coat, Beige, $195.00

Burberry, Kid’s Nova Check Umbrella, $62.99 (was $150.00)

Western Chief Kids, Camo Rain Boot, $23.00

Stella McCartney Kids, Otto, Boys’ Check Waterproof Hooded Parka, $107.00

Western Chief Kids, Ladybug Rainboot, $27.00

Polarn O. Pyret, Rain Hat, $20.50

Stella McCartney Kids, Polly, Girls; Flower Pring Waterproof Hooded Jacket, $113.00

Western Cheif Kids, Firechief Rainboot, Yellow/Black $27.00

Western Chief Kids, Firechief Rainboot, Magenta $25.00

Makie, Rain Jacket Jean, $180.00

Aigle Kids, Lolly Belle Ice Boots, $66.00

Aigle Kids’, Wellington Lollipop Boots, $58.00

Western Chief Kids, Cowboy Umbrella, $15.00


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